“Be Less Busy” is about finding more time in your daily 24 hours, about clawing back your life and about being less busy!

Here you’ll find not only tips and tricks for reducing busyness, but also reviews for products, experiences and services that I’ve tried and tested that will genuinely help to free up more time for you, your family, and whatever it is that you classify as important in your life.

I wanted to create this site after finding I was running from one thing to the next, constantly – and I mean constantly! I literally did not have ONE minute to myself, to unwind, to de-stress and to relax. It was GO-GO-GO and it had reached breaking point.

I hope you’ll find a gem or two amongst these pages to help de-busy your life, to create organisation, to create structure, and to ultimately create more time for what you want.

Enjoy and leave me feedback along the way!

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