Workout smarter, not longer

As a qualified Personal Trainer, it pains me to hear people boast about spending over an hour in the gym on any given day… it’s just. not. needed. We lead jam-packed lives, people! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Learning to workout smarter, and not longer is key to unlocking more minutes in your day to spend on other things that are meaningful to you.

I spend 20-30 minutes in the gym, 3 times per week. I walk the dog at least once, sometimes twice a day (depending on whether it’s my turn, or my husband’s turn for our own personal workout) for ~30 minutes. This to me is the optimal weekly exercise regime combining cardio with weights/resistance training.

A typical workout in the gym for me includes:

  • 500m warm-up on the rower (I run to the gym, about a 10 minute jog, so that constitutes the majority of my warm-up)
  • Weight training for 20 minutes:
    • This can include a variety of different approaches, my favourites are listed below:
      • Tabata training: you may have heard of this little gem! It usually includes a series of exercises done within a set timeframe eg. 20 seconds “on” ie. working hard, and 10 seconds “off” ie. rest – repeated within a set timeframe (eg. 3 minutes total per exercise)
      • Circuit training: I’ll set up a series of exercises targeting a specific muscle group (I train Legs on Mondays, Arms & Shoulders on Wednesdays, and Back & Chest on Fridays) and I’ll perform them for 15 reps each, one after another until all are done. That’s one “round”. I then repeat depending on what time I have eg. I might get in 3 rounds.
      • A Kayla Itsines 28 minute workout: You’ve probably heard of this girl, what an inspiration! Her 28 minute workouts are gold. 4 rounds of 7 minutes each, they are short, sharp and very effective! I’ll be posting more about these soon.
      • An Amanda Bisk 20 minute workout: Similarly, this girl is downright awesome. I loved her 12 week program, I’ll be writing a review on it shortly so keep an eye out.
  • Cool-down via the 10 minute jog home

Performing short, sharp workouts allow you to go “all out” and put in maximum effort into a short period of time. They fire up the metabolism and get your fat burning gremlins working overtime for hours after the actual workout has finished.

Would you like me to post some of actual workouts, including exercises, on here? If so, please comment below and let me know what interests you.

Working out smarter, and not longer, is one of the keys to Be Less Busy.


2 Comments on “Workout smarter, not longer

  1. So relieving to read this. I always hear my friends say they spend hours and I’m only putting in around 45 mins

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    • Hi there, thanks for your comment. It’s a true case of “quality over quantity”. If you’re putting in some quality time over that 45 minutes, and achieving your workout goals (are they to get the heart rate pumping, or to focus on strength training? Whatever your goals might be), then 45 mins is more than enough. Good on you for seeking balance and using the rest of your day to achieve other things rather than slogging it out in the gym!

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